La naissance d'un nouveau
This website is dedicated to Tatiana Maslakova-Veselova (1991−2023), artist and designer from Riga.
About Tatyana
Tanya was born in a small provincial town of Latvia, in Liepaja, in the winter of 1991, on January 31. This is not a big, but a beautiful cozy town with a clean, beautiful beach, small but cozy streets that convey the atmosphere of Latvian identity. Everything in this city is conducive to creativity, to the creation of masterpieces in any field.

This is a city with its own charisma, its own character, its charm. Having visited this city at least once, it will leave an impression on you, and believe me, you will not forget it and want to visit at least once again. It is not surprising that after spending all her childhood and becoming an adult, Tanya became or already was a creative person at birth.

After graduating from school in 2010 with a gold medal, she went to the capital of Latvia, Riga, to study further. She graduated from the Baltic International Academy (BSA) with a degree in Marketing and received a bachelor's degree. But the desire to learn something new and the desire to move forward did not stop the girl. She continued her studies for a master's degree in Human Resources. And yet she never stopped painting. As a child, these were children's drawings with attempts to learn how to draw elementary things - the face, body, torso of a person. And seeming to a simple layman in the world of art - simple everyday objects and things.
To be continued…

Tatiana's sister:
Anastasia Maslakova
Phone: +371 24951667
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